What Recovering Addicts in Davenport Should Know About Pink Cloud Syndrome

Beating drug and alcohol addiction is no easy feat to say the least, and it is worsened and in fact made a lot more difficult by the simple fact that it is a long, long, almost never ending process.  It depends on the recovering addict and on an incredibly wide plethora of other different factors says Drug Rehab Davenport, but a recovering addict’s true recovery cycle can take at least a year to five years to really establish any kind of stability within one’s own sobriety and recovery.  For many recovering addicts in fact, they still feel that they are addicts and that they will never truly be free from their past until the day that they die.


The best way to describe it or compare it is to point out that alcohol and drug recovery can be like a runner’s marathon. When it comes to running a marathon, endurance is needed as well as a confident rhythm through the process of detox and rehab. Patience is also part of the program too, and it is needed and wanted if one is going to stay sober and keep with the habit of staying away from drug and alcohol addiction.

Patience, rhythm, endurance, routine, and many other techniques and methods of approach that apply to running a marathon also apply to staying sober and to beating addiction once and for all.  The only difference is time.  A marathon can be run in a matter of several hours, but it takes several years to truly, realistically, and reliably beat addiction once and for all.  Marathoners only have to suffer through the first miles of their race, but a person in rehab who is newly recovered may find that their first “miles”, are actually their first years.

There is one difference for recovering addicts though, and that is a strange elation that recovering addicts will often feel as soon as they beat their addiction and stop using drugs and alcohol for a month or so thanks to a rehab program.  In rehabilitation, this pattern of elation is known as the, “Pink Cloud Syndrome.”

Watch Out for Pink Cloud Syndrome

This pink cloud usually occurs in the early stages of a person’s recovery from addiction, as in the first few weeks or months of sobriety that an individual has after he or she stops using drugs and alcohol.  Individuals who are experiencing Pink Cloud Syndrome are abundantly confident and sure of themselves, they are immeasurably happy and content, and if they are high on anything it’s that they are high on life itself.  But you must be mindful and careful when it comes to Pink Cloud Syndrome.

When people beat addiction and are newly sober, they truly are substance free and they feel as if they’ve won their war with addiction.  What a sad misconception.  For most recovering addicts, completing rehab and ceasing the actual, physical use of drugs or alcohol, is just the first step in a long and arduous road to recovery.

The reason why recovering addicts in Davenport and all across the nation for that matter need to watch out for Pink Cloud Syndrome is because it can lure a recovering addict into a false sense of security that could really end up being a deadly thing for the recovering addict.  Factually, recovering from addiction means a lot more than just going to rehab.  The Pink Cloud Syndrome hides that truth.  With a better understanding of this, Davenport recovering addicts will be able to have a better time of staying clean and sober if they can understand that the Pink Cloud Syndrome is a dangerous sensation, not a beneficial feeling.

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