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Things To Do On Table Mountain, Cape Town

Cable Car to the Top
The best way to experience the mountain for all ages, the cable car is not for anyone with a fear of heights, but for anyone else it will be an exhilarating ride. Buy a ticket online to avoid the queues (but children under 4 go free), and then enjoy the five-minute journey from ground level up to the very top of Table Mountain. From the top you will get an unbeatable view of Cape Town and the stunning ocean over 1,000 metres below, as well as the new Cape Town Stadium built specially for the World Cup. From there just enjoy strolling around and admiring the plants, animals and the views until you’re ready to go back down.

Hike the Mountain
Hiking in Cape Town is accessible to anyone with a love of the outdoors, and is certainly available to novice walkers as well as hard-core hiking enthusiasts. There are lots of routes to choose from, and many guided walks are also available. The scenery is spectacular, and the views as well. You could choose to hike up, hike down, or take the cable car up and down and hike around at the top. If you do go hiking, remember never to go alone and to go with a guided group if possible. It’s also very important to take plenty of drinking water, especially during the summer months.

Enjoy a Meal
There is plenty of good eating on offer in Cape Town, and Table Mountain is no exception. If you are not one for strenuous activities, you can simply enjoy the views at the top whilst having a bite to eat in the Table Mountain Cafe. You will find breakfast, pizza and South African cuisine on offer, as well as tea, coffee and a selection of good wines.

Abseil Down
Any thrill seekers heading to Cape Town won’t be disappointed with the abseiling on offer on Table Mountain, which boasts the largest commercial abseil in the world with a vertical 112-metre descent. This has to be organised through an official guide and you should definitely not attempt it alone. On top of abseiling, there are also cliff jumps on offer for the adrenaline junkies, with drops of up to 18 metres into the ocean.

Rock Climbing
Another one for thrill seekers in Cape Town, Table Mountain boasts some fantastic rock climbing opportunities. Climbing is on offer for all ages on sandstone walls of varying levels of difficulty, and again this should only be carried out with experienced guides through an official company.

Enjoy all that Table Mountain has to Offer
Table Mountain is a fantastic place for those who either simply want to see some spectacular views or want to enjoy something a bit more exciting. Whatever you feel like doing, look into it next time you are in Cape Town.