Thai Dishes to Try on Your Next Romantic Dinner

If there’s one thing that makes Thai food stand out, that would be their elegance. Yes, unlike its neighbours in Southeast Asia, Thai food is prepared, cooked, and served with class and finesse, and its scrumptious tastes can be placed alongside those in France and the United Kingdom. And with such a classy approach to cooking, Thai cuisine is the perfect choice for a romantic dinner.

If you happen to be searching for the best Thai restaurant in Singapore, then you should check out which of them offers dishes for couples to enjoy. You may also want to check out their menu for such dinners, such as the following meals:


  1. Thai rose petal salad.

Roses are known for being the flowers of romance, but who said they cannot be included in such a delicious dish? In Thailand, rose petals are used not only as a colourful garnish, but also as a key ingredient in their appetizers, including their famous rose petal salad.

This salad dish consists not only of edible rose petals, but as well as greens such as lettuce, mango shreds, a unique salad dressing, and pieces of shrimp or meat. This salad has gained popularity since it infuses not just the roses, but also the other flavours uniquely found in Thailand.

  1. Mussel curry.

If you want to enjoy a hearty meal during your romantic dinner date but would want to keep things light, then you may want to try a curry dish that consists of mussels. Yes, in Thai cooking, mussels are used as a substitute to other types of meat when making curry.

What makes this dish special is the fact that mussels cook fast, thus they can be served in curry sauce within minutes. You don’t have to wait a long time for a main course, and you can pair it with rice to complete your meal.

This type of curry dish can be prepared using any type of curry paste, thus you can choose between red, green, and yellow curry. However, mussels work best with yellow and green variants.

  1. Red chicken curry.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to have seafood for your main course but still like curry, then you may want to go to the traditional chicken variant, but this time using red curry paste. Red chicken curry is equally delicious and filling as the one that uses mussels, and you are able to devour more meat as well.

Red curry also includes potatoes and sometimes carrots, but you can request which vegetables to use on the dish. Red curry is not as spicy as the green variant, but it also works well with plain steamed rice.

  1. Thai fresh rolls.

Fresh spring rolls are a dish shared by the neighbouring countries of Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia), and they have found their way to Thailand as well. Hence, if you want to start with something light, then you may go with a serving of fresh green rolls, which include an array of greens and tender stalks put together in soft rice wrapper and paired with a sweet sauce. Yes, this dish is perfect for vegetarians too.

  1. Layered sticky rice cake.

Lastly, if you want a filling dessert in your romantic dinner, then you may go with layered sticky rice cakes. The best Thai restaurants in Singapore offer sticky rice cakes in bite-size layers, and they are best paired with coffee or tea. The cakes are served with toasted coconut morsels or a thin sugar syrup, and come in fancy coloured layers. This dessert will definitely complete your romantic dinner date.

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