Popular techniques of printing T-shirts

T-shirt printing is a great way to create the T-shirts of your design. It is a great way by which you can wear the T-shirt of your choice. You can get your image, text and quotes printed on it. It is a great way of personalization of T-shirts. These types of shirts are not only used for the personal purpose but also used for the commercial purpose. It is the great way of promotional campaign and endorsement.

Select type of t shirt print

There are many ways of getting the t shirt printed.  Here you can check out some of the ways. So that you can know the printing method that you want for your t shirt.

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Vinyl printing

In this type of printing, artwork is created with the help of computer. Once the design is created, it is printed and cut on the vinyl sheet. This sheet is placed on the T-shirt or other clothing on which it is to be printed and then with the heat transfer with iron or warm press. The images are then transferred to the T shirt. This type of printing is durable and can be done on all types of fabric material.

Silkscreen printing

It is easy and cheap style of printing on fabric. It can be done at home also. For this type of t shirt printing, a frame is needed and then with the help of stencil artwork is created on the fabric. It is the most lasting printing method on the

Digital printing

With the help of digital printing, you will be able to achieve the super fine printing on the T-shirt. It is similar to the printing by inkjet printer on paper. Difference is that instead of paper there is a fabric. Digital printing is capable of producing higher prints of the images on the fabric that the other type of printing.

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