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Online reputation management can be a tricky business. Building a profitable and successful presence online may take some time. The foundation to do so comes from having an effective reputation management system. The following are some steps that would be useful for you or your company to take in order to ensure a positive online reputation management experience.

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  1. Keep tabs.
    By this, we mean that you simply must be aware of the bloggers or other posts that put your business or the industry that your company is in in a negative light. Stay aware of all the talk that concerns your business and check up on those blogs. It’s important for your reputation management system to keep current with what people have to say. The good as well as the bad.
  2. Be open.
    If you are open to all kinds of feedback, then the consumer will feel more comfortable voicing their complaints or negativity directly to you. Much better than finding it without any type of notice. This also gives you the power to handle it however you see fit and try and satisfy the customer to diminish their dissatisfaction with your service or product.
  3. Own it.
    When you come across something online that someone has posted that puts your company or business in a negative light, do not delete it or try to bury it. That would not be a good online reputation management Instead, direct your reputation management efforts towards resolving the conflict and owning any complaints that come your way. No business is perfect. It would be wise to get your reputation management team to work closely along side the customer service team.
  4. Be quick.
    Do not wait weeks or months before responding to online complaints. Your online reputation management must be ready to put out fires at any time. The longer you wait, the worse you have made your business look.
  5. Finally, when all is said and done, ask for some feedback.
    At this point that you have exhausted every effort that you could to retain the customer’s business, your online reputation management team should conduct a follow up with the customer and check in to see how their experiences with the brand/company are going and if they are satisfied. Ask for some feedback. Your reputation management should handle this promptly.
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