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Online Reputation Management New York identifies online reputation management as your very own online resume that you do not have control over. We’re all familiar with the expression of having some “skeletons in our closet”. Well, those skeletons that we don’t want anyone to find out about are often published about online. The internet is a playground for people looking to slander you for any reason. Some don’t even need a legitimate cause to put out the negativity that they do. Instead, it’s purely for extortion.

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Any reputation management company understands the importance of having keeping a good personal reputation online. The importance of online reputation management is not only exclusive to big companies and businesses. With social platforms like LinkedIn, it is becoming more and more obvious that employers are interested in your online presence. Reputation management company New York has stated that employers will more often than not look at the name on your CV and type it into Google before looking any further. They want to know what you’re like online as much as they want to know what you’re like in person. However, your online presence will tell them more about your character than a formal interview will. We all put our best foot forward and professional face on when it comes time for an intimidating interview. But employers want to know what we’re like when we think they’re not watching as well.

Online reputation management New York has published articles suggesting we inquire more about these new reputation management company that offer their services to you to strengthen your own online reputation management. A sense of professionalism is now a requirement for your digital footprint. Seeing those pictures of you on your sixth pint of beer at the bar is not something you want any future potential employer seeing. Make sure to purge through your posts as much as you can.

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