Hair Loss Due To High Blood Sugar

Men have to deal with male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia which is the main causes for hair loss. Even women have to deal with hair loss but they usually do not go bald. Extreme hair loss results in loss of self esteem as people perceive themselves to be unattractive and try to avert attention. Both young and old people have to deal with hair loss which is one of the most common problems.


The proper and right way to treat hair loss is getting to the root cause of the problem. If you are aware of the problem then it becomes easier to diagnose and reach a solution. Solutions such as pills, hair therapy and products are only surface level treatments that do not examine the underlying problem. The actual problem lies much deeper and it could be due to heath issues.

Unbalanced diabetes is one of the main causes for hair loss. Many endocrinologists (doctors who treat people with diabetes) regard this as a cosmetic symptom of diabetes but in fact it is a genuine problem. High blood sugar definitely causes hair loss as diabetes is directly connected to the repair and growth of the body.


Continuous hair loss is the main cause of baldness. Baldness is a thing of which everyone fear of, because losing your hair has been just like losing something important to you. Hair transplantation is a way to get rid of baldness. Countries like UK, India and Singapore are famous for hair transplantation. In India, hair transplantation is done at an affordable price, you will find experienced doctors for hair transplant in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahemdabad and Delhi.

Does high blood sugar lead to hair loss?

Symptoms – The symptoms begin with the hair thinning out and then gradually weakening. Slowly it stuns the growth and the hair starts falling more than usual. This type of hair loss is different from telogen effluvium, as the hair loss in telogen effluvium is diffused and evenly spread out through the scalp. The severity of hair loss varies from person to person. People can lose their hair in patches, bunches or just strands of hair.


The best way to diagnose whether the hair loss is due to diabetes or not is through eliminating different diagnoses like hair fall due to hereditary, side effects of medicine, nutritional deficiency, etc. The process of elimination helps us to know for sure whether the cause of hair loss is diabetes or not.

Androgenetic alopecia is the main cause for hair loss and it affects about 95% men and 80% women. Other than that even thyroid is one of the causes as thyroid complications are usually linked with high blood sugar. This can be successfully diagnosed with the help of a blood test. Unstable thyroid levels have been known to cause extreme hair loss in adults and children.

Link between high blood sugar and hair loss

Level of blood sugar: The most evident cause that relates diabetes to hair loss is the level of blood sugar. Inadequate blood circulation may be the reason which explains that diabetes can lead to hair loss. As a diabetic person’s blood does not have balanced sugar level, it does not reach the roots of the hair or the hair follicles. This makes the pores of the hair extremely under nourished. It lacks the necessary nutrients which are supplied through natural blood flow. This makes the root weaker and the hair stops growing. They cannot develop and renew themselves due to hyperglycemia.


Stress: Diabetes and the restrictions that come along with it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. This may lead to anxiety attacks and depression. This is disastrous for the nerves and as stress is already a main factor behind hair loss, this worsens it.

Hair is the most distinct feature of mankind. Losing hair causes embarrassment and loss of self esteem to many. As a result, stress that leads to hair loss gets aggravated and this loss in confidence adds to more stress. Thus the issue remains unsolved and it is a vicious circle.

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