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Great Place in Cordoba, Spain

Mezquita is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring place of worship. Located in Cordoba city of Spain, Mezquita was built as a mosque in the year 758 over the site that was originally a Visigothic Church. Later, Mezquita was christened as a catholic cathedral. Art lovers find Mezquita to be an auspicious blend of religions and cultures. Visitors in thousands travel Cordoba, only to visit Mezquita. Mezquita is a magnificent exemplar of Moorish architecture and it really gives a good reason for Cordoba visit.

It’s easy to get to Cordoba through Andalucia. Cordoba is also easily reachable through Madrid and Seville by train. Through train the journey takes around 3 to 4 hours. The fastest way to reach Cordoba from Seville or Madrid is through a high-speed train called Ave. This train has only three stops at Madrid, Seville and Cordoba. Cordoba is also easily reachable by bus with many connections from Ronda, Seville and Granada.

After you reach Cordoba you’ll have to reach the mosque. The visitor entrance to Mezquita is through Puerta del Perdon which was built in the fourteenth century. This entrance connects you to Patio de las Naranjas which is a beautiful patio full of orange trees. You’ll also find the ticket office here. The ticket cost to Mezquita is around $10.

Looking at Mezquita’s arches you’ll find that the best way in which you can understand the true beauty of this mosque is by simply strolling around and having a look at countless pillars and archers in different directions. A marvelous effect of light and space creates hypnosis. This effect will help you forget your troubles and cares. As you get into the cathedral, you’ll find beautiful mudejar architecture, and art belonging to 16th century. Most of this work has been destroyed the church authorities that were under Carlos 1.

The original mosque of Cordoba once used to be the second largest mosque in the world. It is extremely renowned for the sequence of high arches it has. These arches stand over 1000 tall columns that are made of marble, onyx, jasper and granite. No matter in which part the mosque you stand, the arches retreat forming a distant gloom. Other features of Mezquita cathedral include elaborate flowing plant designs, gilded prayer niches and geometric patterns that have been used to decorate domed ceilings.

You can also visit old Cordoba and have a tour of the winding streets, strolling through white-washed homes, shops, beautiful plaza that have bars, restaurants and relax yourself.