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Beach to Visit in La Manga, Spain

Calablanque beach

This place is considered to be of great ecological value. This sandy beach with cliff and a hillock and tough looking nature is a wonderful place to spend time with the family. Just a matter of caution, there are no hotels here. Sometimes the place is quite dusty and it is quite sticky also. Except for this shortcoming, the place is quite interesting for tourists. If you are visiting this place, just after you reach Los Belones, look for the sign board for Calablanque. As soon as you reach Calablanque, there is an information centre which will be of assistance to you. Apart from this, Calablanque beach is one of the most wonderful places.

As a matter of fact, some of the most beautiful beaches are in Calablanque. To repeat, there are no hotels or bars on the Calablanque beach. Normally, Mediterranean Sea has a strong current, so be careful while on the beach. Be careful with jellyfishes. If you find some jellyfishes on the shore, normally you will find more of them in the water. There are enough places for water sports, shower bath, etc. Covered car parking is also available.

Playa Negrete beach

This is another beach which is very close to Calablanque beach. This beach with soft sand also has beautiful caves and rocks. Road leading to this beach is not fully laid out. This beach is most ideally suited for those who want privacy.

Mar Menor beach

Mar Menor beach is also close to the other two beaches mentioned above. Mar Menor beach is considered to be the safest beach to swim because the depth of beach on an average is four meters and in gradual succession it increases to twelve meters. The sludge from the nearby salt plant as also the water of Mar Menor beach is believed to have many therapeutic effects. This beach is very well connected by road and there are many restaurants and bars on this beach. Families prefer this beach most.