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Attractions Must be Visit in Beijing

1. Forbidden City
For many out there the Chinese capital is the eastern most ancient city and with any Beijing transfer tours this place could be the ideal one for you to start with. Unveil the mysterious face by beginning the tour from the Palace museum itself. The place is spread for over two hundred fifty acres and has about nine thousand rooms. This palace is indeed a large complex which was built between 1420 and 1406 AD. Although it had been burnt down, renovated, sacked and rebuilt countless times yet you get see architecture dating back to the eighteenth century. The organizers will certainly have guide accompanying you who shall elucidate the stories behind sites and tell about the significant historical parts.

2. Great wall
If you have less time in hands ten you can make the most by hiking any of the Great Wall sections. Along the entire length of the Wall you shall find eight major sections including Simatai, Jinshanling, Gubeikou, Mutianyu, Jiankou, Huanghuacheng, Juyongguan and Badaling.

3. Heaven temple
Most of the organizers arrange for Beijing transfer tours because they aim at supplying customer services that are considerate. Among the five temples that are present namely Xiannongtan, Yue Tan, Ritan (Sun Temple), Ditan (Earth Temple) and the heaven temple. The latter most is recommended strongly. It is one of the imperial temples in the capital that is larger and bigger than the Forbidden City even. It was built for the Emperors for praying to heavens and good harvests after having offered sacrifices. The trees that are century old make the temple unique and the trees are Chinese Cypress, scholar and juniper trees.

4. Tiananmen Square
The symbol of the Chinese Capital is Tiananmen Square and it is atop the list of the must visit destinations. It is one of the most renowned sites for rallies and parades while also being the largest square of one kind. At sunset and sunrise Chinese Flag’s lowering ceremony is worth watching.

5. Summer palace
This is also called the royal garden of China. The place is in fact a park like an imperial retreat that is spread over more than eight square miles. It is a retreat for the travellers and was also once the retreat for the emperors during summers. Much of the place is covered by Kunming hill and Longevity hill. It is completely reserved with concentrated buildings and richest landscapes. With artistic architecture and masterly design this place has also earned the title of “Imperial Museum Garden”.