Antilog Vacations Dubai Review

Here goes my review about this hotel which I booked through the services of Antilog Vacations:

  • Firstly the location is very nice and convenient. There is a bus stop nearby and other transport facilities are also close. Many good restaurants are present in the nearby areas very close to the hotel. There is a nice creek flowing nearby which offers a good view after twilight. Even some good perfumes are sold at cheap prices just beside the hotel.


  • It is a cheap and economical hotel. Well within the budget. But then don’t expect any ‘star’ experience in the hotel. Rooms are far from perfect and there are faults in toilets, bathrooms, smell etc which the staff attends to if told but it might not happen immediately.
  • The food quality is not that great in either quality or range. The breakfast has a buffet system which it seems does not change at all any day. The items are also few and limited. Milk/tea etc might be in thermocol glasses.
  • This might be a very nice attraction for Indians as they have many Indian dishes in the menu. Even there are nightclubs with Indian themes, separately for south Indians and north Indians. Not only the hotel, but in the vicinity too there are many Indian restaurants and also some good vegetarian restaurants.
  • This is not the place for those who are looking for relaxation or a laidback place. The nightclubs keep most of the place a bit noisy till late night. And that combined with some technical and maintenance faults in the room would make it neither a homely place nor a very professional and well managed place.
  • Some of the staff members are very caring and involved with the customers while others just don’t bother much. Some of them would be interested more in your money than in your delight.
  • The hotel mainly just scores on its location, its vicinity and the fact that it is well within the budget.

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