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About Kyoto and Tokyo

Kyoto and Tokyo are composed of the same letters, the similarity in these two cities pretty much ends there. The relation between these two cities can be explained as two twins separated at birth, who have grown into two dramatically different people with completely different identities.

When you plan your Japan tour, make sure you visit both the cities. If you travel to only one of them, and don’t visit the other, you will miss out on a chance to explore the other half of this interesting country’s culture. As they are separated by only a couple of hour’s journey by a bullet train, it is easily possible to combine a Tokyo tour and a Kyoto tour in your Japan travel package.

Here’s a striking difference to expect before your travel to both the cities.

Kyoto is a city that has preserved the rich history and ancient culture of Japan. It houses the famous historical towns of Nara and Himeji. It boasts a plethora of beautiful temples, shrines, artistic pagodas, historic architecture, and beautiful gardens. Kyoto is most definitely a major city of Japan in its own right. If Kyoto is all about history, Tokyo is all about future. Tokyo is one city which will offer you with an opportunity to embrace the future. Indulge in high-tech electronics, progressive fashion, funky gadgets, and the most unimaginably bizarre and creative gizmos! The day time views of this urban giant city are as striking as the night time views of the attractive lights on the tall buildings that bedeck the city. You will find a few elements in the city that will take you back to the history of Japan and will connect you with its tradition through the popular Kabuki show and a visit to the Edo Museum, where you can experience what Tokyo life was all about before the infinite skyscrapers that sprang up in the city.

While Kyoto and Tokyo are contrasting in many ways, there are some similarities too. They both house some great places to eat, advanced subway systems that save your travel time, and offer a fantastic shopping experience. When you visit these charming cities, you realize that Japan is a nation of contrasts, a home to awe-inspiring wooden shrines, and endless skyscrapers!