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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Convenience & Class, All In One Scratch Map

Has it ever happened to you that you are happily stuffing your mouth with some Baklava in Turkey and all of a sudden you feel a pang of sadness. You realize that you will not get to see your beloved travel map for another week and that you need to keep your need to scratch off under control. Or maybe you are someone who is tired of all the scratch maps out there playing it safe with just some combination of white, black or gold. You want a scratch map that is different, unique and yet chic at the same time.

Scratch Map Rose Gold Travel – Bundle Of Goodness In A Small Package: Since the launch of scratch maps by Luckies of London in 2009, the world of maps has undergone a drastic change. No more boring one-dimensional travel maps, maps now are interactive and personalized. For the people who fell in love with the concept and the originality of Luckies scratch maps but still wanted something more elegant and different, Rose Gold Scratch Map was introduced. For the more finicky traveller who wants something compact, the awesomeness of the Rose Gold travel map was shrunken into a smaller package of Scratch Map Rose Gold Travel ( 42 x 29 cm). Read on to discover why this scratch map is great.

  • Sophisticated Yet Distinctive Theme: This map of the world comes with the same swanky marble effect underlay with the top foil in the rose gold colour. Scratch away the rose gold foil and discover light pastel shades filling the countries. Comes nicely packaged and protected in its own sturdy gift tube.
  • None of the Details Are Amiss: This scratch map is the ultimate has all the bells of a normal sized world map and includes:
  • Capital cities from around the world,
  • State lines for USA, Australia and Canada are clearly marked.
  • Guide For Countries: For more clear picture of your travels, all the countries are numbered and listed in a handy guide at the bottom of the scratch map. Just look up the number of the country you have been to and scratch it off with an eraser on the map. No need to make a mess on the actual map.
  • Turn Over & Scribble Away: This scratch map can come with you on your travels, easily tucked away in your backpack or suitcase. For those creative souls or planners who like to doodle and plan their trips, turn the map over. You will find a plain empty map of the world, all welcoming you to start scribbling away. Not only this, the backside also contains:
  • A handy guide for route planning by means of transport.
  • Personal information about the trip.
  • Keep a track of your travels continent wise with the handy continent chart.
  • Space for any other personal notes.
  • Bring A Touch of Elegance To Any Room: For the travel bugs who like to showcase their travels in their room, its small size and subtle theme makes it an ideal scratch map to complement any room interior and fit right in.

Summary: Scratch Map Rose Gold Travel is the ultimate scratch map for those who like their travel maps to be above and beyond the ordinary.

Author Bio: Ednah Comptom is studying to be an business graduate with a degree in finance and loves going on trips with her girlfriends.