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Monthly Archives: September 2017

New Zealand’s Great Heights

Sky Tower

At 328m high, the Sky Tower is the tallest free-standing tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Its height might have nothing on Aoraki or Mount Cook, which at 3,754m is already over ten times that height, but it’s certainly a lot easier to reach the summit and be rewarded with the view from the top. The Sky Tower contains a revolving restaurant so, after a long day of New Zealand walking, you can grab a table and look out over the towering skyscrapers below. The main observation area even has thick glass flooring which enables you to see all the way down to the pavement below – this is obviously not recommended if you suffer from vertigo. Traditionally, New Zealand has always been popular with tourists craving adventure sports and the country’s tallest structure holds no exceptions. Adventure junkies may want to attempt the famous SkyJump, a bungee jump from the observation deck, where participants can expect to meet speeds of up to 53mph.

Titahi Bay Transmitter

New Zealand’s second tallest structure is a radio transmitter that stands at 212m tall, against the backdrop of Titahi Bay. The bay situated on the North Island in the area of Porirua was used as the setting for the famous New Zealand film “Eagle vs Shark”. If you’re after an area steeped in history, Titahi Bay is absolutely perfect for New Zealand walking and still relatively unknown to tourists. The area was used to house military personnel during WW2 and the recreation hall used by US forces is now a local theatre.

Titahi Bay also features the fossilised remains of an ancient forest, dating from the last interglacial period from over 150,000 to 70,000 years ago. The trees make up an intertidal reef, which makes the bay popular with boarders as it can be surfed on all tides.

New Plymouth Power Station

Located on the shores of Port Taranaki, New Zealand’s third tallest structure is not exactly scenic and the deep water port where it is situated is not really known for walking, however it is certainly worth taking a look. At 198m high, the building claims to have been built using one million bricks and the tall chimney contains five separate flumes.

Vero Centre

Auckland’s second largest structure is the fourth largest building in New Zealand. Walking from the Sky Tower you’ll come across a road called Shortland Street, and at the end of this road a tall, halo-fringed office block. This building, known as the Vero Centre, contains a selection of office buildings and a gymnasium and health centre at the top -which makes it perhaps the most scenic place in the country to enjoy a hot-stone massage after your New Zealand walking trip.

Majorca Secret Village

Majorca has a real mix of attitude from people who might be considering a holiday on the well known Spanish island that has proved so popular with tourists in the past.

On the one hand there is the image of Magaluf to consider. It’s a town that attracts some but is a definite turn off for others.

And for tourists who prefer peace and quiet to a walk on the wild side, Magaluf is set to become even more of a party magnet as ‘Mallorca Rocks’ has opened – sister hotel to the successful ‘Ibiza Rocks’ just across the water.

Fantastic for the young, and young at heart who can discover Majorca as well as Ibiza. For those who like their clubbing and nightlife Mallorca Rocks will be the centre of a Majorca holiday for many of them.

And the Majorca hotels could benefit as stag weekends and hen parties view Majorca as an alternative to Ibiza, bringing in good revenue year round from young Europeans with disposable incomes.

Flights are inexpensive to the island, and with airlines operating from many regional airports from the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, for students and other young people the cheap flights could see visitor numbers in this age group rise considerably this summer.

Majorca Holidays

But for couples and families who don’t want 24 hour partying, and are looking for a good relaxing sunshine holiday, is Majorca a good destination for them this year?

The answer is a definite yes, there’s another side to the island that’s ideal, and if they choose the right location it would be hard to imagine they’re on the same island as party loving Magaluf – but they would still get the good deal for their Majorca flights.

When looking at a map, on the north-west side of the island is Soller. And it is here that holidaymakers can escape to another world, and it’s quiet enough to enjoy while having a good amount of activities going on, to be enjoyed year round.

A tram connects the port to the town, and Deia – another village ideal for family holidays – is closeby, and there is a train that runs through the wonderful Majorca countryside to the capital Palma – a great day out enjoyed by many staying in Soller either in one of the hotels or Majorca villa holidays.

The port is a wonderful place to while away a few hours, with yachts calling in from all over Europe. The harbour area has a good amount of restaurants and cafes serving a variety of food including local dishes all day, and there are also apartments to rent with sea views here for holidaymakers.

Top Food Travel Destinations

Some of the most enjoyable moments of any vacation can be feasting on the local cuisine and indulging yourself on your vacation. Even food you can get in your own neighborhood can taste a lot different and most of the time better when you’re eating it in its place of origin. In fact, one of the things that some of our friends always mention when talking about taking a trip is taking a trip to Philadelphia to taste a real cheese steak with the Cheez Whiz on it and all. Aside from that, here are some of the top places to go to enjoy some of the finest foods the world has to offer:

– France – A trip to France will result in you being in a place where culinary arts and famous chefs go hand-in-hand. With more than 2,000 years of culinary influence backing it up, France’s dining is a great reason to make this trip.

– Italy – Most people love pasta, pizza and the like and an Italy trip will get your taste buds clamoring for its authentic pasta, prosciutto, Parmigiano, rigatoni, risotto and other fantastic foods.

– Japan – Whether you enjoy Kobe or Matsusaka beef, steaks, sukiyaki, sashimi, sushi or any of the other delicious things this land has to offer, Japan trips are great ways to enjoy the culinary treats of the Far East.

– China – Tours of China will have you tasting a wide variety of foods. Because China is so huge and each area features different types of foods due to its region, China trips are sure to give you a large sample of cuisines that you’re going to enjoy.

– Peru – Perhaps a surprise choice, Peruvian food features a mixture of Spanish and native Italian food. One of the highlights of a Peru trip is its Novandina, which is based on Incan ingredients and is one of our favorite dishes.

– New York City – Perhaps a little more familiar to most readers, a trip to New York City is like no other and your stomach will likely agree. With a gathering of so many cultures, New York provides a wide array of food choices, making it a great place to visit to try many different foods in one trip.

– San Francisco – The City by the Bay is fantastic if you love seafood. Fisherman’s Wharf alone is worth the trip to San Francisco for the variety of foods that you’ll get to enjoy. Enjoy a shrimp salad sandwich or clam chowder in a bread bowl and take a look out at the ocean while you’re eating to enjoy a fresh breeze while indulging.

Everywhere you visit is sure to have a great menu for you to enjoy, so don’t just take our word for it. Enjoy life by getting to see the world and enjoy some of the best foods out there.

About Kyoto and Tokyo

Kyoto and Tokyo are composed of the same letters, the similarity in these two cities pretty much ends there. The relation between these two cities can be explained as two twins separated at birth, who have grown into two dramatically different people with completely different identities.

When you plan your Japan tour, make sure you visit both the cities. If you travel to only one of them, and don’t visit the other, you will miss out on a chance to explore the other half of this interesting country’s culture. As they are separated by only a couple of hour’s journey by a bullet train, it is easily possible to combine a Tokyo tour and a Kyoto tour in your Japan travel package.

Here’s a striking difference to expect before your travel to both the cities.

Kyoto is a city that has preserved the rich history and ancient culture of Japan. It houses the famous historical towns of Nara and Himeji. It boasts a plethora of beautiful temples, shrines, artistic pagodas, historic architecture, and beautiful gardens. Kyoto is most definitely a major city of Japan in its own right. If Kyoto is all about history, Tokyo is all about future. Tokyo is one city which will offer you with an opportunity to embrace the future. Indulge in high-tech electronics, progressive fashion, funky gadgets, and the most unimaginably bizarre and creative gizmos! The day time views of this urban giant city are as striking as the night time views of the attractive lights on the tall buildings that bedeck the city. You will find a few elements in the city that will take you back to the history of Japan and will connect you with its tradition through the popular Kabuki show and a visit to the Edo Museum, where you can experience what Tokyo life was all about before the infinite skyscrapers that sprang up in the city.

While Kyoto and Tokyo are contrasting in many ways, there are some similarities too. They both house some great places to eat, advanced subway systems that save your travel time, and offer a fantastic shopping experience. When you visit these charming cities, you realize that Japan is a nation of contrasts, a home to awe-inspiring wooden shrines, and endless skyscrapers!